Analystix tools download

This is an extension bundle installer that will install each of the individual components of Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2017 & 2019

It runs in the background và will detect any uninstalled extensions, then tải về & install them.

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The following components wil be installed:

*In-sản phẩm support for version 15.7 onwards.**Deprecated in VS2017. Please use the supported version here.


You can disable or uninstall individual components via Tools->Extensions and Updates.


Rephối Productivity Power nguồn Tools

If you"ve sầu uninstalled any of the extensions installed by the Productivity Power nguồn Tools 2017, then those extensions won"t be installed again automatically.

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To rephối this behavior go lớn Tools -> Reset Productivity Power Tools..._

Note: The Productivity Power Tools does not install a page in Tools->Options for enabling and disabling individual Productivity nguồn Tools. For Visual Studio 2017, we have release all components as separate extensions. So, you can now enable and disable them through Extensions and Updates. Hence, there is no longer a need for the page in Tools->Options.

There are several ways lớn know if the Productivity Power Tools 2017 is installed và working:

You can see it in the Installed section of Extensions & Updates - & it is enabled.There is an option on the Tools thực đơn for Remix Productivity nguồn Tools.You should see a box pop up when you first launch VS after installing the extension that will show progress as it downloads và installs all the PPT extensions.If step 3 (above) worked, you should see several PPT extensions in the Installed section of the Extensions and Updates dialog.


If you can"t see Productivity Power nguồn Tools 2017 in E&U, try reinstalling it.If you don"t see the Reset option on the Tools menu, kiểm tra that Productivity Power Tools 2017 is enabled (in E&U).If the PPT 2017 installer did not launch when you restarted VS, try clicking the "Remix Productivity Power nguồn Tools..." button in the Tools thực đơn.If the individual components of PPT are not installed, kiểm tra your network settings. To further troubleshoot the installation of individual extensions, try manually installing them.

If all else fails, và you can"t get the Productivity Power Tool 2017 installer extension to lớn install all the PPT extensions for you, you can always install them manually (from E&U or by downloading extensions from the This has the same effect as installing them via the bundle installer. You can find link to lớn all the PPT extensions above sầu.