Many times you may wonder why your Excel file cannot be saved & what is the cause for it. In this article, we will be discussing some common causes that conflict with your Excel file và the measures to lớn resolve it. So, let’s get started.

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Sharing Violation – Introduction

Generally, a sharing violation occurs when a particular tệp tin or document is being used by another program. In other words, a file being read by another user causes a sharing violation. This problem is not something new, as it dates back to lớn earlier versions of Excel as well. The error statement clearly reads- Your changes could not be saved lớn ‘ FileName’ because of a sharing violation. In many cases due to such issues, saving Excel spreadsheet files can not be successful.

The below image shows the error statement that appears when there is a sharing violation.


The primary cause for this error is when files are not saved with proper extensions that are specified by the file extension itself. This causes an error at the time of saving so when a file is saved as .xlsm instead of .xml a violation box pops up indicating an error.

There are various causes that would stall the enabling the option to lớn save an Excel file. Below we discuss how to lớn resolve these.

Authorize Indexing for tệp tin folders Deactivate third party Antivirus programPermitting Sharing WizardSave file to a different locationRename tệp tin

Let us discuss in detail the ways khổng lồ resolve various causes of Sharing Violation:

1. Authorize Indexing for file folders:

Indexing is one of the common causes of sharing violations. This problem can be managed by modifying the Advanced Attributes of that particular folder so that the files are permitted khổng lồ get indexed. The following are the steps khổng lồ activate this option

Step 1: Click the thư mục containing error >> select Properties from the context menu.


(Note: Close all the Excel files và Microsoft Office running in the background).Step 2: From Properties box >> select General tab >>go lớn Attributes section >> click on Advanced button


Step 3: Click OK, the Advanced Attributes box appears.


Step 4: In Advanced Attributes box >> go to lớn the Archive và Index attributes >> check the box with Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to tệp tin Properties. Click Ok to save the changes.

2. Deactivating third-party antivirus program:

If the third-party antivirus is on the run it is important lớn deactivate them as it takes over the Excel file when trying khổng lồ save it. It can also be caused by an overprotective antivirus suit. This issue is generally associated with Comodo AVG, Avast, McAfee,and also the Premium version ofMalwarebytes. Deactivating the real-time protection might increase the chance of saving a tệp tin without error.

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If the process becomes unsuccessful & the error is still displayed, deactivate the antivirus when working in Excel or uninstall the AV completely và you can enable Windows Defender. The below image shows the Windows Defender’s trang chủ page after being installed.


Note: The following steps will guide you khổng lồ uninstall any antivirus software. Step 1: Press Windows key + R to open the Run box.Step 2: Type ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the mở cửa box, and mở cửa the Windows uninstaller.

3. Permit chia sẻ wizard:

There are high chances of getting an error statement when chia sẻ wizard option is not permitted. It is important lớn permit this feature in order khổng lồ process efficiently without error.The following steps will show how lớn enable the Sharing Wizard feature via the folder Options menu.

Step 1:Press Windows +R key và type “control folders” in the Run mở cửa box >> Click Enter to open the Folder Options menu.


Step 2: thư mục Option appears >>select View tab >> Advanced Settings >> scroll till you find Use Sharing Wizard (Recommended). CheckUse Sharing Wizard (Recommended) >> click Apply to save the order.

Step 3: Reboot your systen and check if the issue is solved.

4. Save file to a different location:

You can also move the Excel file to a different thư mục or a new folder to avoid errors. Delete the original tệp tin after moving it lớn another location. Later, transfer the altered file in the original folder. To lớn save a tệp tin in a different thư mục the following steps will guide you,

Select File tab >> select Save As option >> select a different folder/a new folder >> click Save button.In the below image you can see how the original tệp tin can be saved lớn a different location or folder.

5. Rename file:

This is a simple way khổng lồ fix a sharing violation problem. Rename the error occurring file to something else và save it. For Example, if the legitimate file is named as ScannedDocument150 it can be renamed as ScannedDocument350. After some time, delete the legitimate file and rename the original to lớn copy back. This process should resolve your issue.

We have discussed thus some of the reasons that cause sharing violations & how lớn resolve them. To know more on topics related lớn Excel

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