C Programming Language

C is a procedural programming language. It was initially developed by Dennis Ritchie as a system programming language khổng lồ write operating system. The main features of C language include low-level access to memory, simple mix of từ khoá, và clean style, these features make C language suitable for system programming lượt thích operating system or compiler development.

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C Language IntroductionC Programming Language Standardint (1 sign bit + 31 data bits) từ khóa in CIs it fine to lớn write “void main()” or “main()” in C/C++?Difference between “int main()” and “int main(void)” in C/C++?Macros & Preprocessors in CCompiling a C program:- Behind the ScenesBenefits of C over other languagesProgram error signalsEscape sequences in CLine Slicing in CC/ C++ Tokens
Variables và Keywords in CHow are variables scoped in C – Static or Dynamic?Scope rules in CHow Linkers Resolve Multiply Defined Global Symbols?Quiz on Variable Declaration and ScopeComplicated declarations in CRedeclaration of global variable in CInternal and External LinkageDeclare variable as constantWhy variables doesn’t start with numbersRedeclaration of global variablesInitialization of global and static variables
Storage Classes in CStatic Variables in CUnderstanding “extern” từ khoá in CWhat are the mặc định values of static variables in C?Understanding “volatile” qualifier in CConst Qualifier in CInitialization of static variables in CUnderstanding “register” từ khoá in CQuiz on Storage Classes in CUnderstanding volatile qualifier in C- Set 1
Returned values of printf() & scanf()What is return type of getchar(), fgetc() và getc() ?Scansets in Cputs() vs printf() for printing a stringWhat is use of %n in printf() ?How to print % using printf()?Quiz on Input Output in CDifference between printf, sprintf và fprintf?Difference between getc(), getchar(), getch() và getche()Difference between %d & %i format specifierUse of fflush(stdin) in CClearing input đầu vào buffer in C/C++scanf() và fscanf() in Cgetchar_unlocked() in CProblem with scanf()Differentiate printable và control characterrand() & srand() in C/C++
Introduction to operators in C và Arithmetic OperatorsRelational and Logical Operators in CBitwise Operators in COperator Precedence và Associativity in CEvaluation order of operandsComma in C and C++sizeof operator in COperands for sizeof operatorA comma operator questionResult of comma operator as l-value in C & C++Order of operands for logical operatorsIncrement (Decrement) operators require L-value ExpressionPrecedence of postfix ++ & prefix ++ in C/C++Modulus on Negative NumbersC/C++ Ternary Operator – Some Interesting ObservationsPre-increment (or pre-decrement) in C++Difference between ++*p, *p++ and *++pResults of comparison operations in C & C++To find sum of two numbers without using any operatorSequence Points in CExecution of printf with ++ operatorsAnything written in sizeof() is never executedDifference between strlen() & sizeof()Stringizing & Token-pasting operator
Write a C macro PRINT(x) which prints xVariable length arguments for MacrosMultiline macros in CCRASH() macro – interpretationThe OFFSETOF() macro,Branch prediction macros in GCCDiffference between #define & const in C?A C Programming Language PuzzleWhat’s difference between header files “stdio.h” & “stdlib.h” ?How to print a variable name in C?Constants in CHow a Preprocessor worksPreprocessor Directives : Behind the scene-1Preprocessor Directives : Behind the scene-2isgraph() library functionwrite your own header tệp tin in Cdifftime() library functiontmpnam() library function_Generic từ khóa in Cmath.h library functionstypedef versus #define in Cstrftime() library functionexec family of functions
Introduction lớn Arrays in C LanguageStrings in C LanguageProperties of array in C LanguageDo not use sizeof for array parametersInitialization of variables sized arrays in CAre array members deeply copied?What is the difference between single quoted & double quoted declaration of char array?Initialization of a multidimensional arrays in C/C++Write one line functions for strcat() & strcmp()What’s difference between char s<> & char *s in Cgets() is risky to lớn use!C function to lớn Swap strings,Storage for Strings in CDifference between array và pointerHow to dynamically allocate a 2D array in C?How lớn pass a 2 chiều array as a parameter in C?How to lớn write long strings in Multi-lines C/C++?What are the data types for which it is not possible khổng lồ create an array?Variable Length Arrays in C & C++Short hvà array notationAccessing array out of boundsstrcpy() in C/C++strcmp() in C/C++strdup() & strdndup() in C/C++Pass an array by valueReverse a string in C/C++strpbrk() in Cstrcoll() in C/C++ispunct() in Cstrspn() in Cisalpha() and isdigit() in C/C++
What should be data type of case labels of switch statement in C?For Versus WhileA nested loop puzzleswitch statement in CDifference between while(1) và while(0)goto statementContinue StatementBreak StatementUsing range in switch case
Functions in CImportance of function prototype in CFunctions that are executed before and after main() in Creturn statement vs exit() in main()How to lớn Count Variable Numbers of Arguments in C?,What is evaluation order of function parameters in C?Does C support function overloading?How can we return multiple values from a function?What is the purpose of a function prototype?Static functions in Cexit(), abort() & assert()Implicit return type int in CWhat happens when a function is called before its declaration in C?_Noreturn function specifier in Cexit() vs _Exit()__func__ identifier in CCallbachồng function in CNested functions in CParameter Passing Techniquespow() function in Ctolower() function in Ctime() function in C
Introduction lớn pointers in C and C++Double Pointer (Pointer lớn Pointer) in CWhy C treats array parameters as pointers?Output of the program | Dereference, Reference, Dereference, ReferenceDangling, Void , Null and Wild PointersAn Uncomtháng representation of array elementsHow to declare a pointer to lớn a function?Pointer vs Array in Cvoid pointer in CNULL pointer in C !Function Pointer in Cnear, far & huge pointersGeneric Linked List in Crestrict keywords in Cconst char *p, char * const p và const char * const pPointer to an Array
Enum in CStructures in CUnion in CStruct HackStructure Member Alignment, Padding và Data PackingOperations on struct variables in CBit Fields in CStructure Sorting (By Multiple Rules) in C++Flexible array members in structureDifference between Structure and UnionDifference between C structures và C++ structuresAnonymous Union & Structure in CCompound Literals in C
Memory Layout of C Programs,How khổng lồ deallocate memory without using free() in C?calloc() versus malloc()How does free() know the form size of memory to be deallocated?Use of realloc()What is Memory Leak? How can we avoid?
fseek() vs rewind() in CEOF, getc() and feof() in Cfopen() for an existing file in write modeRead/Write structure to lớn a filefgets() & gets() in CBasics of File Handlingfsetpos() in Crename function in C/C++tmpfile() function in Cfgetc() and fputc() in Cfseek() in C/C++ftell() in Clseek() in C/C++remove function in C/C++Merge contents of two files into lớn a third filePrint contents of tệp tin in C
C Program to print numbers from 1 khổng lồ N without using semicolon?How to find sum of two numbers without using any operatorHow will you show memory representation of C variables?Condition To Print “HelloWord”Change/add only one character & print ‘*’ exactly trăng tròn timesHow can we sum the digits of a given number in single statement?What is the best way in C to convert a number to lớn a string?Calculate Logn in one linePrint “Even” or “Odd” without using Conditional statementHow will you print numbers from 1 to lớn 100 without using loop?How can we sum the digits of a given number in single statement?How will you print “Geeks for Geeks” without using a semicolonWrite a one line C function to lớn round floating point numbersHow will implement Your Own sizeofHow to lớn count phối bits in a floating point number in C?How to change the output of printf() in main() ?How khổng lồ find length of a string without string.h and loop in C?Implement your own itoa()Write a C program that does not terminate when Ctrl+C is pressedHow to lớn measure time taken by a function in C?Print a long int in C using putchar() onlyConvert a floating point number to string in CHow khổng lồ write a running C code without main()?Write your own memcpy()C program to lớn print characters without using format specifiersC program to lớn print a string without any quote (singe or double) in the programExeđáng yêu both if & else statements simultaneouslyPrint “Hello World” without using any header file
Quine – A self-reproducing programComplicated declarations in CUse of bool in CSequence Points in C | Set 1Optimization Techniques | Set 2 (swapping),ASCII NUL, ASCII 0 (’0?) và Numeric literal 0Little and Big Endian Mystery,Comparator function of qsort() in CProgram to validate an IPhường addressMultithreading in CAssertions in C/C++fork() in CInteresting Facts in C ProgrammingPrecision of floating point numbers in C++ (floor(), ceil(), trunc(), round() và setprecision())setjump() & longjump() in Cnextafter() & nexttoward() in C/C++pthread_cancel() in Cpthread_equal() in Cpthread_self() in CLocal Labels in Clvalue and rvalue in CGet and mix the staông chồng kích thước of thread attributeDifference between fork() & exec()Errors in C/C++Why is C considered faster than other languagesIncompatibilities between C và C++Convert C/C++ code lớn assembly languageError Handling in CExecuting main() in C/C++ : Behind the sceneHygienic Macros in CComm& line arguments in C/C++scanf(), fscanf(), sscanf(), scanf_s(), fscanf_s(), sscanf_s()Some Interesting Facts in C ProgrammingDatabase Connectivity using C/C++Function Interposition in CMacros vs FunctionsWrite your own memcpy() và memmove()
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