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The 20 best Minecraft PE seeds for lazy people on the go, including a few of the lathử nghiệm Minecraft PE 0.10.5 seeds.

Minecraft PE seedscreate new worlds for gamers lớn explore, with unique terrain or creatures for players lớn interact with & enjoy, as well as interesting spawn points.Quý Khách vẫn xem: Các mã seed trong minecraft pc

The Minecraft PEseeds here are the best for lazy people on the go. They"ll give you something more important khổng lồ bởi, while you travel around from place-to-place.

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The seeds here are case-sensitive sầu.

1. Triple Village Seed


Seed: 1388582293

This seed works in both 0.90x & 0.10x & is aMinecraft PE 0.10.5 seed (Infinite).

This massiveMinecraft seed has a triple village, with two blacksmiths, set on a savannah biome. The surrounding landscape has rivers, mountains, and deserts I explored with my nephew.

Your spawn point is on the other side of the river, but you need to lớn get to lớn the village as quickly as possible, lớn prevent the blacksmith from catching the chests on fire.

2. Massive Desert Village Seed


Seed: 1246234697

This Minecraft PE seed spawns you in a bl& biome on the side of a hill. If you dig straight down, you"ll find gold, coal, iron, and Redstone.

In the nearby desert, there"s a massive Minecraft village khổng lồ explore, with two blacksmiths, each with decent loot. One blacksmith has superior loot, with a saddle, emeralds, an iron helmet & ingots, ink sacks và bread.

This seed also has lots of cool terrain lớn explore, including savannah, taiga, plains, and desert. My nephew and I found interesting things exploring this world that entertained us và we still occasionally come back for more.

3. Huge Mesa with Lots of Gold Mine Shafts


Seed: 2431673

This Minecraft PE seed spawns you near a mesa, with an exposed mineshaft lớn exploit. Just travel khổng lồ the mesa và explore the right-hvà side lớn find the mine entrance, and two outcroppings of gold lớn exploit.

My nephew và I found lots of mineshaft entrances just fifteen minutes in Creative Mode. During the last adventure, we found five gold mine entrances.

4. Full Iron Armor in Just Ten Minutes


Seed: 509333905

This is a Minecraft PE 0.10.5 seed (Infinite).

Using this Minecraft PE seed you can get full iron armor within ten minutes of spawning. Just head to lớn the village you spawn near và find the blacksmith.

The blacksmith has two pairs of iron leggings, so you have a spare set. You need khổng lồ head across the river to mine the rest of the iron you need to complete the full mix.

Look for a cave sầu on the other side of the river by the village, with two deposits of iron at the surface of the entrance.

5. Fishing Village Seed

Seed: 104451

Ok! MinecraftPEgamers can"t fish, just yet, but you can get a feel for the environment using thisseed.

When you spawn here, you can head out lớn sea, or inlvà khổng lồ explore. To find the village, head inlvà, and then travel to lớn the right along the coastline.

In the village, there"s a blacksmith, with a gold & iron ingot, bread and 4obsidian blocks in his chest.

There"s also a cave near the border of the village, right next khổng lồ the sidewalk where you find the lampposts. My nephew and I have found iron, gold, coal và the occasional diamond in this cave sầu, so it"s worth checking out.

If you decide lớn head out onthe water, you can find islands lớn explore. We found this Minecraft PE seed unique in this way, so go islvà hopping, if you want lớn try something different.

6. Epic Stronghold Seed


Seed: 108685930

This is a Minecraft PE 0.10.5 seed (Infinite).

Gamers looking for a great stronghold seed will love this one. Just head over khổng lồ the village you see when you spawn, jump in the well và dig down to lớn find the stronghold.

In the stronghold, you"ll find chests, a library, and an end portal. It"s agreat Minecraft PE seed to explore and keep you entertained for hours on kết thúc.

7. The Best Minecraft Village Seed

Seed: 1408106526

This amazing Minecraft PE seed has two complete villages, each with its own stronghold.

Me & my nephew started this one in Creative sầu mode, which is a good idea if you want lớn get an idea of the landscape.

You spawn on a savannah, with the hill where you find the villages, behind you. Turn around, fly up over the hill và you"ll see the first village on top of the hill.

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8. Stunning Mesa Seed

Seed: 511137450

This is a MinecraftPE 0.10.5 seed (Infinite).

You arrive sầu next to lớn an abandoned mineshaft with a spawn chamber playing this MinecraftPE seed. Inside you"ll find chests containing string, wheat, bread, gunpowder, a bucket and iron ingot khổng lồ get you started.

Explore the stunning mesa beyond to lớn find more mine shafts lớn exploit & adventures to lớn keep you entertained for hours on kết thúc.

9. Handy Minecraft PE Village Seed

Seed: 1074879716

This great Minecraft PE seed has two villages, one has a blacksmith with really cool loot. The second village doesn"t have a blacksmith, but if you look in the well, you"ll find a stronghold with an over portal.

10. Minecraft PE Dungeon Seed

Seed: 1794954266

You spawn above a dungeon khổng lồ explore playing this amazing Minecraft PE seed. Take wood along, before you start digging, because there"s iron on the way down, you can use to lớn fashion handy weapons, before heading into the dungeon.

Warning! There"s a zombie spawner in the dungeon, so be careful.

11. Multiple Villages with Blacksmiths

Seed: johnny appleseed

This Minecraft seed spawns you right outside a handy village khổng lồ explore. Each new horizon playing this seed will have another village to lớn explore, most with blacksmiths with interesting and useful loot.

12. A Minecraft Town?

Seed: 1388582293

My nephew & I found this cool Minecraft town lớn explore. At least, with so many villages around, it looks lượt thích a town.

Here you can find everything an explorer needs, including blacksmiths with loot to lớn make it more entertaining.

13. A Mountain View Seed

Seed: super pig

This Minecraft PE seed has a village built on and next khổng lồ a tall mountain with an amazing view. Nearby, you"ll find a swamp & desert with interesting and entertaining things khổng lồ vì chưng.

14. Floating Ocean Village Seed

Seed: 1413755523

This rare floating island Minecraft PE seed caught my eye the first time I saw it. It has everything you need to plan và carry out ocean adventures.

There"s a significant amount of water and lvà to lớn explore, but the islvà gives you a good base khổng lồ start with, và it"s just fun to float around with your nephew exploring& flaming each other.

15. Survival Isl& Seed

Seed: inwhite

Most Minecraft PE survival islands are small, but this one is medium-sized, with a village to lớn explore and exploit.

Watch out for the villagers, they area little on the angry side: deranged is closer lớn the target.

16. Easy Minecraft PE Seed

Seed: infinity

This Minecraft PE seed is a favorite of my nephew & an easy one to lớn start on for beginners. Everything you need to lớn get started is relatively easy khổng lồ find, but you"ll need to lớn look around.

You spawn in the woods, beneath floating islands, which is kind of freaky.

Look for square stones on the ground as you explore và you could find the resources you need. Dig down deep beneath some of these stones & you"ll find pockets of iron, Redstone, & precious gems.

17. Horror Mountain Seed

Seed: Horror

This is a Minecraft 0.10.5 seed (Infinite).

This fun Minecraft PE seed is a great horror adventure for gamers that love a good zombie fight.

You spawn khổng lồ the left of a village, which is partly on a mountain và next to a river.

Climb khổng lồ the top of the mountain và you"ll find the entrance to a dungeon, with a zombie spawner.

Defeating the zombies và find the treasure chests inside the dungeon is a lot of fun.

18. Everything an Adventure Needs Seed

Seed: sylph

This amazing Minecraft PE seed has given me & my nephew hours of entertainment. You start near the village, so it"s easy lớn get started.

If you dig deep into lớn the ground around the well in the village, you"ll find an abandoned mineshaft with diamonds, redstone, iron, gold, & other minerals và gems.

This is a great seed in Survival mode and extremely challenging.

19. Multiple Villages and Stronghold Seed

Seed: 85292285

This is a Minecraft PE 0.10.5 seed (infinite).

This Minecraft PE seed is a long adventure if you intend lớn find thevillages và the stronghold. There are also seven blacksmiths in the villages khổng lồ help you.

There are also all types of biomes represented in this seed, which makes it more fun, & in Survival mode, this one rocks!

đôi mươi. Sea of Flowers Seed

Seed: 1425516286

A rainbow of flowers covers the landscapevà there are caves hidden aước ao the hills to lớn explore in this Minecraft PE seed.

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Those are the trăng tròn best Minecraft PE seeds for lazy people on the go. We hope they keep you entertained as you move sầu around from place khổng lồ place.

Leave a comment if you know of any Minecraft PE seeds lazy people need to play, & kiểm tra out our massive collection of Minecraft seeds here on cheohanoi.vn. You won"t regret it!