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Who Are You: School 2015 is a KBS2 South Korean drama released on April 27, năm ngoái. It stars Kim So Hyun, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, & Nam Joo Hyuk.

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It’s story revolves around the identical twins who were separated from each other. One of them knows about the existence of the other one; while the other one is unaware. When they grew up, Eun Byul và Eun Bi becomes really different from each other. It includes their way of living, attitude, and experiences. One day, Eun Byul disappears mysteriously.

Many K-drama fans are so inlớn School 2015 not just because its part of School series but also because of its story, plot twists, và incomparable acting skills of its actors and actresses. In a matter of fact, this drama is expected khổng lồ have sầu a Tnhị remake to air this 2020.

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There’s a big chance that your K-drama friends have already watched this piece. Whether you’re a big fan or not of So Hyun, Sungjae, and/or Joo Hyuk, I highly recommend to you khổng lồ watch Who Are You: School 2015.

My thoughts

You might’ve think that the plot of School 2015 is something cliché but it will surely shoông xã you with its plot twists and story flow. This is actually one of my favorite năm ngoái dramas that I can’t still move on from until now. Five sầu years has passed but I still love it. Honestly, the emotions I’ve felt when watching it the first time are still familiar to lớn me.

A bit spoiler for you, bes, but the way how the story flows and the events happen are the good sides of this drama. You will be able lớn laugh, cry, và feel angry towards the antagonists in no time. I can still rethành viên how many times I shouted khổng lồ tell some of the characters about my thoughts as if they can hear me.

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I actually didn’t expect few things about it, such as how the characters handled the situation; how genuine Taekwang (portrayed by Sungjae) until the end; what happened khổng lồ the antagonist; and the decisions of Eun Byul and Eun Bi (portrayed by So Hyun) from the climax until its last part.

If you will ask me, I have sầu a different expected ending for the drama compared to lớn what was served to lớn us. It is one of the reasons why I can’t move sầu on from this. However, I know to lớn myself that the ending is realistic. While, the other reason is the bravery of the twins. I really admire the both of them for choosing khổng lồ be strong since the very moment they were separated và have sầu known the situation. I also love how they stvà still và be brave sầu despite the bullying they’ve sầu experienced.

Other reasons to lớn watch

Aside from what were mentioned, there are still more reasons why you should watch School 2015. First is the fact that all the actors and actresses of this drama have sầu incomparable acting skills. You will surely get mad on the antagonist; yes, to the point that you want lớn go to the screen & help the protagonist. You will also fall in love sầu with the second lead actor the way how many of us have sầu fell for hyên. Additionally, you will also get inspired with life experiences and decisions of the twins.

Moreover, what you should also take note are the theme và lessons lớn learn from this drama. It tackles the comtháng problem being faced by some students like bullying. School 2015 had properly shown how the people being bullied suffer mentally, emotionally, and physically. It also perfectly showed that bullies shouldn’t be tolerated. However, they also don’t deserve sầu lớn be treated bad as they also need help.

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Beside from that, it also focuses on how important family and their tư vấn are to lớn children. Next is the importance of being kind. Lastly, the significance of being supportive sầu in a good way khổng lồ your friends và trying to lớn listen to them.


Even if School 2015 broke my heart, I wouldn’t deny the fact that this made me laugh and realize a lot of things in life. It even lead me to knowing mental health more & choosing kindness despite rough situation. Other than that, it made me love So Hyun và Sungjae so much. I also appreciate Joo Hyuk & his part in this drama. So, add this khổng lồ your danh mục now, bes, or rewatch it & let’s talk about our feels on the phản hồi section below!

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