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Connection: Satellite Installation: Standard installation is free. Price Range: $59.99 - $149.99

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Connection: DSL and Fiber Installation: Includes installation and activation. Price Range: $57.95 - $57.95


Internet Access in Hay Springs, Nebraska

Hay Springs currently features two widespread wired Internet service providers (ISPs): Viasat Internet and HughesNet. Viasat is primarily a Satellite provider, with speeds up to 100 Mbps and coverage in close to one hundred percent of the population. HughesNet sells Satellite, with coverage in practically one hundred percent of Hay Springs.

Keep in mind that since FCC data is tallied up biannually and only published six months later, availability shown here may not be complete.

DSL providers such as Great Plains Communications connect customers to Internet services using pre-existing telephone lines. This explains why DSL is purchased through telecom companies that historically offered landline phone service. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) network technology is accessible by 57.17 percent of the Hay Springs population. See the table below for insights into how marketed speed, latency, and etc line up with actual performance locally.

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Great Plains Communications is another common Internet choice in Hay Springs, offering DSL and Fiber connections with coverage in 57 percent of the area. Viaero Wireless is another alternative wireless service for 65 percent of local residents. Keep in mind that fixed wireless requires roof access or proximity to a Viaero Wireless tower or access point.

To summarize, Hay Springs"s broadband access is not high — most of the area has 1-2 providers available. 1,000 of Hay Springs residents have only one option for wired broadband, or none at all — as is verifiable in the interactive availability map below. (That"s 98.8% of the population stuck with only one way to get WiFi.) View the interactive map below to see how coverage varies between neighborhoods in the area, and access speed test results for local providers.

There are 8 internet providers in Hay Springs with 5 of those offering residential service
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