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The themes that can be applied lớn the Windows 7 system change the wallpapers, icons & sounds but have no option to lớn change the start orb along with the theme. We have a popular Windows 7 Themes gallery và here we take a further step in customizing your desktop.

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Update: Some of the start orbs are no longer available. They are marked with a strikethrough in the list and liên kết are removed. (April, 2013)How lớn change the Start Orb in Windows 7?Refer to this guide khổng lồ see How to lớn Change Start Orbs in Windows 7.There are a lot of options when it comes to selecting a start orb khổng lồ go with your theme. To lớn make your job easy, here is a list of over 50 start orbs that would suit the themes in our Windows 7 Themes gallery.

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The start orbs in this list have been grouped into Six categories:
Movie OrbsGame OrbsAnime OrbsAutomobile OrbsTech OrbsSport OrbsEach section has multiple start orbs. The orbs are sequentially listed & the images are displayed in same sequence below the lists.

Click on the Start Orb Image To download it:

Movie Orbs:

Jedi Council LogoTron LegacyBatmanTron Legacy Orb 2Lord of the RingsResident EvilTransformers

Game Orbs:

God of WarDiablo 3Assassin’s CreedStar WarsNeed For SpeedGears of WarAssassin’s Creed Orb 2Angry Birds – PigAngry Red BirdAngry Yellow BirdAngry xanh BirdAngry đen BirdAngry Birds – King pigHalo Logo


Anime Orbs:

One Piece Skull SymbolBleach IchigoSharingan IMangekyou SharinganBleach Hollow MaskSharingan IIOne Piece LuffyNarutoNaruto Eyes               

Automobile Orbs (Cars và Bikes):

LamborghiniFerrariPorscheMercedesFerrari Orb IIBMWDucati Orb Pack (Has a second black & white orb)Yamaha Start Orb Pack (Same style of orbs in six colors)

Tech Orbs:

Windows Orbs Pack (Three orb styles)New Win LogoAndroid Robot Orb Pack (Four orb styles)Windows Square PatchMac pack (Four styles of Apple và a Finder)Longhorn FusionAndroid Token (Three orb styles)Facebook OrbDeviant Art orbTwitter Orb                     

Sport Orbs:

Chelsea Pack (Three orb styles)Manchester United Pack (Three orb styles)Real MadridFootballArsenal                The orbs listed on this các mục have been handpicked & should be a nice fit with any of our Windows 7 Themes. Go ahead & start using your favorite orbs now.If you have any suggestions for more start orbs that can be added khổng lồ this các mục above, let us know in the comments section below.