Vietnam Tet Holiday In Vietnam

Tet holiday – Vietnamese Lunar New Year or simply Tet Vietphái nam is the most significant festival in the S-shaped country. As a result of being calculated by the lunar calendar, the Tet festival often occurs at the kết thúc of January or the beginning of February, which is later than New Year’s Day. As the longest Vietnam holiday, Tet Vietnam is the most wonderful occasion for all foreign tourists khổng lồ spend their Vietphái mạnh vacation packages enjoying the festive atmosphere and exploring one of the oldest festivals in the world. Tet festival 2022 is on February 1st, 2022 (New Year Eve is the previous day).

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Tet Holiday – Vietnamese New Year

What is Tet Holiday – Vietnamese New Year?

Tet Vietphái nam is celebrated khổng lồ welcome the Lunar New Year và summarize what they did in the old one. It is considered an important mark for changes, plans, và progress. In addition, Vietnamese people believe that what they bởi vì on the first day of the new year will affect their rest. Therefore, they pay great attention to lớn every word they say and everything they vày. Furthermore, Tet in Vietphái nam may be the only occasion for all family members khổng lồ have happy moments together after a year of hard-working.


A family is making traditional Chung cakes on the Tet holiday

A traditional Tet festival in Vietnam giới often lasts for a month. However, the busy life makes it shorter, even disappear. If you choose a new type of travel lượt thích cruising lớn enjoy multi-culture Lunar New Year, your travel plan should be picked the right countries where people still hold a long festival such as Thailand, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Taiwan, & Vietphái nam, which is often a week. Recently, some people express their idea khổng lồ cancel the Vietnamese New Year and only celebrate the Western New Year. Although it is constructive, the Tet holiday will have still been remaining as a vital festival in Vietphái nam because of its priceless traditions, customs, and meaning.


The Features on Tet Holiday – Vietnamese New Year

Vietnamese Lunar New Year is NOT Chinese Lunar New Year

It is absolutely mistaken to lớn say that the Vietnamese are celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. Although both countries use the lunar calendar, Vietnamese people have different lunar new year customs, celebrations, & traditions from China.

The History of Lunar New Year in Vietnam

According khổng lồ the historical documents, in the thirteenth century, Vietnamese people often celebrated the Tet holiday by painting tattoos on themselves, drinking traditional glutinous-rice liquor, using betel nuts to welcome guests, và eating Chung cakes, pickled onions. In the Ly dynasty (1009-1226), many important rituals were made on the Tet festival such as setting up a dome to lớn pray for the rains or building communal houses lớn crave sầu for a year of abundant harvests. In the period of King Le Thanh hao Tong (1442-1497), Tet was the most important festival & hundreds of mandarins had to lớn gather at the royal court khổng lồ celebrate this lunar new year festival with royal families.


The Tet Holiday’s Foods

In the Vietnamese language, khổng lồ celebrate Tet also means to lớn eat, which affirmed the important role of Vietphái mạnh Lunar New Year’s Food. One Vietnamese traditional proverb denotes that you can be hungry all year except three days of the Tet festival because dozens of delicious dishes và desserts will be prepared on Lunar New Year in Vietphái mạnh lớn feast on the ancestors as well as every family member.


Chung Cake

Chung cake is the traditional cake in Vietnam giới that only appears on the Tet holiday. Tasty and savory Chung cake is made from very familiar ingredients to lớn all Vietnamese such as sticky rice, green beans, and pork, which is wrapped in green leaves and boiled overnight. According lớn a legover that has been passed on for thousands of generations, Chung cake is the symbol of Earth because it combines all the chất lượng ingredients of Vietnamese agriculture. Although Chung cake can be tasted all seasons nowadays, enjoying these cakes during the Tet holiday still brings special feelings for Vietnamese people.


Jam – Vietnamese Lunar New Year’s Dessert

Jam is the common snaông xã lớn welcome guests on the Tet holiday. It is mainly made from dried fruits lượt thích carrots, coconuts, apples, or some kinds of seeds such as roasted watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds mixed with sugar. The Vietnamese believe sầu eating sweet things on the Tet holiday will bring them luông xã for the Lunar New Year.

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Pickled Onions

On the Tet holiday, people often eat fat và oiled foods which easily cloys their appetite. This is high time for something with low calories and fresh lượt thích pickled onions. They help the digestive sầu system digest high-protein food more easily. In the minds of Vietnamese people, Tet is only complete when there are fat meat, pickled onions, và red distiches.


Besides, there is a myriad of signature dishes that inspire the taste in different regions on Vietnamese Lunar New Year such as spring rolls, boiled chickens, Vietnamese sausages, sticky rice, and so on.

Mascots of Tet holiday

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs

Each Lunar New Year will have sầu a symbolic animal. 12 Vietnamese zodiac signs are different from Chinese ones (The fourth zodiac sign in Vietnam giới is Cat while it is Rabbit in China). Every animal will bring quality luông xã in its year so you can see them everywhere in Vietphái nam through Tet holiday decorations or advertisement signs. Tet holiday 2022 is the year of the Tiger.


Trees và Flowers on Tet Holiday

Peach blossom in Northern Vietphái mạnh và apricot blossom trees in Southern Vietphái nam are also symbols that exclusively appear on the Tet holiday. The light red of peach blossom will bring luchồng while the yellow of apricot blossom will bring fortune khổng lồ the owners. It is said that Tet Vietnam giới will thua trận itself if missing two of them.


Neu Tree

It is originally a 5 meters tall bamboo shoot. The chop of the tree hangs different things based on each region such as votive papers, amulet exorcism, or alcohol bottles made of straw. It is believed that the appearance of the Neu tree on the Tet holiday in Vietphái mạnh is the signal for the devils to lớn realize that this place is home page to living people, not to lớn harass.


Tray of Five sầu Fruits

This is a tray of five different fruits such as bananas, grapefruits, oranges, and other tropical fruits which are only prepared on the Vietnamese New Year. Although each region chooses different fruits, a tray of five fruits is still used lớn express the wishes for the Lunar New Year of the host family by their names, colors, and arrangements.


In addition, kumquat trees, Dong Ho paintings, red distiches are also believed by the Vietnamese to lớn bring luck and wealth for them all around the year.

How is Tet Holiday Celebrated?

Before Tet Holiday – How Vietphái mạnh Lunar New Year is Prepared?

Tet Ong Cong, Ong Tao (Gods & Goddess of Kitchen)

On the 23rd of the last month in the lunar calendar, Vietnamese people prepare the traditional offerings và especially the carps to lớn regale the gods and goddesses living at their house all over the year. Then they will release the carps into lớn the river so they will be used by the Gods as the transportations to come to lớn heaven, according khổng lồ the legend. At heaven, they will report everything happening all around the year of their family lớn the King of heaven. They will come back on the last day of the year to lớn celebrate the Tet holiday with the host. The carps then become the dragons. Tet Ong Cong, Ong Tao of Tet holiday 2022 is on January 25th.